Debugging CH32V307V with Visual Studio Code on macOS

As the final testing of the CH32V series RISC-V MCU development environment on Mac, I tried whether I could debug a program running on WCH’s CH32V307RCT6 evaluation board (CH32V307V-EVT-R1) or not with Visual Studio Code in the same way as I did before on my Ubuntu 20.04 environment.

I tested Visual Studio Code using the same CH32V307 example as the previous post. This time, to generate debugging information, I added -g and -O0 to the GCC options in the Makefile (Here is the updated file) and rebuilt the example.

After installing Visual Studio Code to my MacBook Pro (intel, 13inch, 2020), I added the Native Debug extension by WebFreak.

I saved a workspace of Visual Studio Code into the ch32v307/EVT/EXAM/GPIO/GPIO_Toggle/User directory and added this directory to the workspace also. Then I created a launch.json file by clicking create a launch.json file(1), (2) and selecting the workplace (3) and GDB(4) items.

I replaced the contents of the created JSON file with the following.

	"tasks": {
		"version": "2.0.0",
		"tasks": [
				"label": "run_openocd",
				"type": "process",
				"isBackground": true,
				"command": "${userHome}/csfs/openocd/openocd",
				"args": ["-f", "${userHome}/csfs/openocd/wch-riscv.cfg"],
				"problemMatcher": [
					  "pattern": [
						  "regexp": ".",
						  "file": 1,
						  "location": 2,
						  "message": 3
					  "background": {
						"activeOnStart": true,
						"beginsPattern": ".",
						"endsPattern": ".",
	"folders": [
			"path": "."
	"launch": {
		"version": "0.2.0",
		"configurations": [
				"name": "gdb-openocd",
				"type": "gdb",
				"request": "attach",
				"executable": "gpio_toggle.elf",
				"remote": true,
				"target": ":3333",
				"cwd": "${workspaceRoot}",
				"gdbpath": "${userHome}/csfs/x-tools/riscv32-unknown-elf/bin/riscv32-unknown-elf-gdb",
				"preLaunchTask": "run_openocd",
				"autorun": [
					"set mem inaccessible-by-default off",
					"set architecture riscv:rv32",
					"set remotetimeout unlimited",
					"monitor reset halt",

Before starting the debugging with Visual Studio Code, I mounted the disk image I made in a new Terminal window.

hdid -nomount csfs.sparseimage
mount -t hfs /dev/disk2s2 csfs
export PATH="$HOME/csfs/x-tools/riscv32-unknown-elf/bin:$HOME/csfs/openocd:$PATH"

Then I added the following line to the end of OpenOCD’s config file $HOME/csfs/openocd/wch-riscv.cfg to avoid the Restart and Disconnection issue I found when I tried to run Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu.

$_TARGETNAME.0 configure -event gdb-detach { shutdown }

I set a breakpoint in main.c and started debugging by selecting the Start Debugging (F5) item under the Run menu.

As far as I tested briefly, debugging on Visual Studio Code worked pretty well. This time I was able to figure out a way to avoid the Restart (Ctrl+Shift F5) and Disconnect (Shift+F5) operation issues that I found when I tried Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu by modifying OpenOCD’s config file and defining preLaunchTask to the Visual Studio Code setting.

[Added on 2022-07-08]
I uploaded my ch32v307/EVT/EXAM/GPIO/GPIO_Toggle/ directory as the tgz file just for reference. My Visual Studio Code project file (GPIO_Toggle.code-workspace) with the above setting is also included in the tgz file.